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The Ocean is Following Us

One late fall afternoon, an exhausted working mother was driving her then 4-year-old daughter, back from the school in Lynnwood where her husband taught at, and her daughter attended, all the 45 miles away back home to West Seattle.  Usually these long car rides, in traffic, on I-5, were reserved for her husband to enjoy…

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As we start to finish up the site work for our new building, it comes to our attention that the royal “we” forgot to design bollards along the alley way, around the mechanical systems, and specifically, our transformer, the SOURCE OF OUR ENERGY for the building; no big deal.  Cough.  I research bollards and review…

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Drop Off

I’m the mother of a, now, eight-year-old.  Lately, I’m beginning to hear the words “drop off” regarding the birthday parties that my child attends.  I’ve seen more and more parents come at the beginning of a party, drop off their kid, and then go and live their lives for an hour and a half, even…

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