Somewhere, Somehow

“Girl put your records on,

tell me your favorite song,

just go ahead, let your hair down.

Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,

just go ahead, let your hair down.

You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.”

– Corrine Bailey Rae

Put Your Records On  (2006)


My amazing stylist Kara Dodson, (The Refinery Salon in Edmonds, WA) told me that I’ve been wearing the same hair style since she met me, cough, years ago.  It’s time for a change.  I told her that every time we go too short, I come home and swear to myself that I will never get my hair cut short again, and yet, every time my hair style (lack of style) is too long, I make the same self-declaration.  The commonality here is that my hair, and my style, never feels quite right.  I am looking for the Goldie-locks of just-right hair style, for my own golden (okay, dishwater blonde), locks of hair.  She said we are growing out, and that I was getting long layers, and an even shape in the back.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar.  I’ve been growing out weight-wise, over the last 10 months, and layers, I have been pulling off layer after layer, searching daily for the core of my style-onion, only to find that I feel heavy, and smell terrible.  Apparently stress for prolonged periods of time eventually wins over the luxury of really wearing your hair.  A change in diet, medicine, stress, and/or shampoo, all can cause hair to fall out at greater rates.

So here we are, approaching fall, and enough time has passed that I have been in her chair.  My hair is stronger, even though it’s shaggy, wiry and long, and is craving someone to take it in from the dry heat and love on it.  Different from the coping from hour to hour, day to day, month to month, (shit it’s almost been a year), I’m ready to pay for a positive change.  I can go long this time, but with a different shape cut, with a rolled hair brush, with shampoo on a budget (without sulfates of course, lol), with a spray-on leave-in product that reinforces the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment I have just invested in to calm my peach fuzz attached to my head.

I did something this morning that resembles what a woman would do if she was trying to make her hair look nice; I washed it, brushed it, put product in, blow dried and styled.  Then, this same woman, later today, caught herself looking in the mirror, admiring the way her hair looked.  Whoa, that’s how that works!  Intention + product = hair that feels, and looks, nice!  I’ve been sporting the same messy bun for months, and my hair has closely resembled the twigs and grass from a bird’s nest in my garden.  This new haircut (and texture) has given me reason to put my hair down once again.

I haven’t let my hair down in a long time, literally and figuratively.  I’ve been pulled back, pulled tight, and put up.  Today, I let it down.  I’ve also put on tighter pants that almost fit, and remind me of the vivacious human I know I can be, vs. my comfortable in my skin fat jeans, and today I see a woman with faded jeans, and dreams, but one who, with the help of her favorite records, (thank you Corinne Bailey Rae), has let her hair down.  Now, the only part of the song I have left to accomplish is to find myself, somewhere, somehow…

Take Care,


Alyssa hair down

Check out Corinne Bailey Rae’s website and find her music on iTunes.




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