Maybe I Will Fly

Maybe I will fly away and leave the past all behind.

Maybe I will try to stay and let the memories rule my mind.

Maybe I’ll do too much, or maybe I’ll just leave it all up to you.

Maybe I’ll care too much, it’s better than having nothing else to do.

Maybe I should run, but maybe you’re the one.

Maybe my decision is done, or maybe life has only just begun.


Maybe I will fly away to where the angels know my name.

Maybe in the sky the light will shine so bright that I’ll remain.


Choosing which way to go and never looking back from where you came.

How can you really know when playing the rules to life’s little game?

Maybe I’ll take flight, but maybe not tonight.

Maybe I just want to do what’s right.

Maybe I don’t want to fight anymore.


Lately love has opened up my eyes, made me take a look at what’s inside.

Flying high can help you realize you never have to say goodbye.


Maybe I will fly today and leave the memories all behind.

Maybe I will find a way, it’s just a matter of time.


Alyssa Castro

July 2001


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