Been Gone Way Too Long

Once there was a man, who had a little girl, and a marriage unplanned.

He followed the rules of the land, but then he slipped, and he let go of her hand.

The little girl, wore braids in her hair.  The little girl, held on to her bear.

Now there stands a man, in front of a little girl, trying hard to understand.

The moon, she’d light her way for her,

The sun, he’d dry her eyes.

The trees, they gave their shade to her,

The clouds were her castle in the sky.

But love’s been gone too long,

too long for the little girl,

been gone way too long.

Now the little girl has let the braids out of her hair.

The little girl has let go of her bear.

Now there stands a man, in front of that little girl, a woman now, trying to understand.

Copyright Alyssa Castro 2000

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Isn’t this what the blog is for? ;)

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