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I’ve found a new place for me, my daughter, and my husband, to all go to for our eye care needs.  Edmonds Vision Center, (EVC), was referred to me by just about everyone I asked up north when I saw them out and about, sporting cute frames.  I was holding out on purchasing new frames for myself until we go to New York later this year, but after visiting EVC, I had the wonderful problem of having about 8 pairs of frames to debate over.  However, Jaymie, Robin, and Michelle (it takes a village), helped me narrow my choices down and eventually choose my perfect pair for my imperfect eyes.

I really like going here, and I discovered that if you go early, like on Saturday mornings, it is relatively quiet.  This was the only way my daughter and I could go, together.  To take our time to explore multiple frames, have experienced and kind staff all to ourselves, and to make a decision without multiple external sensory distractions besides our own brains racing with anxiety and choice, was key in us making a sound decision and purchase.  (Did I mention they have LOTS of choices?)

My daughter’s frames came in ready, less than a week, and, here’s the best part:  SHE WEARS THEM.  She’s already popped the lenses out of the frames a few times when forgetting they were on her face and deciding to roll down a big grassy hill.  After finding the lens, it easily snapped back in, and she was back in the business of being a kid.  She and my husband have stopped by for adjustments, and it is just an easy experience.

I met Dr. Wong, for my first exam, and he is by far the nicest, most educated and patient eye doctor I have ever gone to.  He LISTENS, answers my questions, and is overall a very nice human.

Today I received a notice that it was time to pick up my frames.  So excited!

Please check out Edmonds Vision Center.  They are a top notch group of professionals, and they have LOTS of good quality and stylish frame options to choose from.

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I care about eye care, and I love supporting my local community.  “See” you there!

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