Anxiety’s sometimes useful. Anxiety’s mostly abuse full. Anxiety’s always mine. – Alyssa Castro 10-10-18

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Been Gone Way Too Long

Once there was a man, who had a little girl, and a marriage unplanned. He followed the rules of the land, but then he slipped, and he let go of her hand. The little girl, wore braids in her hair.  The little girl, held on to her bear. Now there stands a man, in front…

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When They Fell

Ask me how I felt, when they fell. Ask me to describe, the way that heat and tears melt away a thousand lives. It was hell on earth. I saw hell on earth, through my eyes. Ask me how I felt, when they fell. Ask me to describe, the sound of screams and shattered dreams,…

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Losing My Shit

A friend of mine told me today that she literally just made it home in time to get herself to the toilet.  “I thought I was going to poo my pants in my car,” she said.  (Me: Wait, what?)  “I thought I was going to…” Okay, yeah, wow.  Oh my.  Earlier today, my other friend…

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Red Pens

I love pens and markers. Mr. Sketch markers, where I can put them directly to my nose and take a sniff down sensory pleasure lane; brown root beer, yellow lemon, red strawberry, green lime – yummy and functional. Pentel, my prized possession pens saved for my best coloring work. Gel pens, reserved for my most…

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